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Guest Registration

This year, Heroes for Housing is going virtual! These are challenging times for live events and we care deeply about the well-being of everyone attending and producing our event.  We promise you a fun and engaging virtual event that will inspire you with our vibrant and worthwhile work in the community!  Click Here to view the event!

This is Homes First's only Annual Fundraising Event. We hope you will join us to raise funds to support our work. Tickets are free but we will ask you for a donation.


What do we do with the funds raised?

  1. Make more homes available to the people in our community who have the hardest time finding and retaining homes.    

  2. Connect tenants with the resources they need to stay successfully in a home.

  3. Keep our neighborhoods safe by making sure everyone has a place to live

  4. Maintain our current properties so that we are always a good neighbor

Save Your Seat Now

Thanks for Registering for Heroes for Housing!

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