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The mission of Homes First is to create and maintain safe, healthy, and affordable rental homes for those who need them most.

Our vision is of a better future is one of vibrant communities where everyone has a safe and healthy home they can afford, so that they have hope for a better future.

Since 1990, Homes First has successfully created affordable rental housing in Thurston County, Washington. We have helped over 5000 low and very low income community members find safe, clean, affordable and long-term rental housing with a landlord who treats them respectfully and equitably.

No other organization does what we do.


To best serve our tenants' diverse needs and ensure our goal of long term permanent housing for each of our residents, we partner with other local social service organizations that complement our programs.  For example, our 13 homes with shared housing for developmentally disabled adults are provided tenancy and case management services from agencies whose expertise is specialized in working with that population. 

Income from rents goes to maintain the housing, provide staff oversight, and help fund future affordable housing projects. Our strength is in our partnerships.  This work with local service providers  ensures our tenants receive the supports they need to be successful.  We meet our tenants where they are and help them have the financial and emotional space they need to define for themselves what success may look like. 

Our Values


Instead of judging people by their past, stand by them and help them build their future. Treat them with respect and value the work it has taken for them to survive.


Show each resident that they are valued and worthy of being treated well, regardless of their past history. 


When we approach each resident  with a lens to what they need individually to be successful, they can believe that we want the best for them.  They will also better  understand our expectations and the outcomes.  Read our Equity Statement

Personal Responsibility

Life is full of choices.  Some are made for us and some we make for ourselves.  We work to empower people and support their life sustaining choices.  We encourage our residents to choose to be the creator of their own destiny, seek solutions, and take positive actions so they can find and retain a home.  


Rather than being the answer to all our residents' needs, we seek to partner with other groups to share the work it takes to support the people serve.  Community partnerships include the formal and informal community connections, collaborative projects, and relationships that address tenants needs and goals.



Building ongoing long-term relationships with organizations which complement our program and meet the needs of our residents is a powerful community development strategy. It makes a network of services to make our community stronger.

Our Work

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