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Our Work

The mission of Homes First is to provide safe, healthy, affordable rental homes for those who need them most.

Since 1990, Homes First has successfully created affordable rental housing in Thurston County, Washington. We have helped over 4,500 low and very low income community members find safe, clean, and affordable rental housing with a landlord who treats them with respect.

No other organization does what we do


Rather than allowing our mission to creep beyond the original intention of the founders – to provide affordable rental housing – we have partnered with other organizations that complement our programs.

Income from rents goes to maintain the housing, provide staff oversight, and help fund future affordable housing projects. Our strength is in our partnerships.  We work together with local service providers to ensure our tenants receive the supports they need to be successful.  We meet our tenants where they are and help them have the financial and emotional space they need to define for themselves what success may look like. 

We Value


Because it begins at home: People who live in a home do better at work and are more engaged with the world around them.


Because it begins at home: Children in stable homes learn and achieve more in school. A home helps level the playing field.


Because it begins at home: Healthy habits are more accessible when you live in a stable, affordable home. Children get the healthy start they need.


Because it begins at home: When people have a home they can count on, a stronger sense of community keeps streets, neighborhoods, and communities safe.


Because it begins at home: At all income levels, people living in a home can afford more. Working people with affordable housing can still have enough to pay for basics like groceries, gas, and childcare.

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