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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Homes First?

Homes First is a grassroots nonprofit that has been creating and maintaining safe, healthy, affordable rental homes for community members who need them most in Thurston and Mason Counties, since 1990.

Annually, we provide almost 300 residents with rental rates they can afford in scattered site housing so they can concentrate on other areas of their lives. We add more homes every year so we continue to grow the number of people we serve.

Homes First has served over 5,000 people since our founding.

How can someone qualify to rent a home from Homes First?
Homes First has a very low turnover rate. Anyone interested in renting can sign up here to receive our email newsletter. When something becomes available, we will email everyone on that list with details on how to apply.


Where does Homes First get its funding?
For the acquisition and rehab of homes, Homes First receives much of its funding from Federal Housing and Urban Development housing programs via our county and cities.  Operational income comes from rent (earned income). We also receive grants, business sponsorships, donations, and bequests, which give us flexible funds to use where we need them most.

More Questions?

Contact us via email at  or call 360-236-0920 x210

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