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Accessing Housing through Homes First

Homes First owns and manages several kinds of living spaces and they are managed in a variety of ways:

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Single and Multi-Family Homes: Project-Based Voucher Homes 

These scattered site houses and apartment vacancies are applied for through the Housing Authority of Thurston County ( They manage applications and any waitlists when applicable.

The Housing Authority of Thurston County is located at 1206-12th Avenue SE in Olympia, Washington, 98501. General inquiries can be made at 360-753-8292 or

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Directly-Managed Residences: Non Project-Based Voucher Homes

These scattered site houses and apartments are managed directly through Homes First, who accepts applications for the spaces when available.


See housing availability and mailing list information on our home page.

Oxford House

Oxford Houses

Although owned and maintained by Homes First, tenant applications are managed through the Oxford House Program (

Oxford House is a concept in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. In its simplest form, an Oxford House describes a democratically run, self-supporting and drug free home. Parallel to this concept lies the organizational structure of Oxford House, Inc. This publicly supported, non-profit 501(c)3 corporation is the umbrella organization which provides the network connecting all Oxford Houses and allocates resources to duplicate the Oxford House concept where needs arise.

The number of residents in a House may range from six to fifteen; there are houses for men, houses for women, and houses which accept women with children. Oxford Houses flourish in metropolitan areas such as New York City and Washington D.C. and thrive in such diverse communities as Hawaii, Washington State, Canada and Australia; but they all abide by the basic criteria.

Each House represents a remarkably effective and low cost method of preventing relapse. This was the purpose of the first Oxford House established in 1975, and this purpose is served, day by day, house after house, in each of over 1,200 houses in the United States today.

Applications for available spaces are managed directly with each house. Please use the following contacts to check on availability:

Molly B Oxford House:             360-878-8821 (women)
1107 Oxford Group:                    360-515-5122 (women)
South Bay Oxford House:         360-455-0448 (men)
Ruddell Road Oxford House:   360-923-4178 (women)
South East Oly Oxford House: 360-915-9756 (men)

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Shared Living for Developmentally Disabled Adults

Although owned and maintained by Homes First, tenancy and case management services are porvided by four organizations who specialize in working with Developmentally Disabled adults. Applications for available spaced are managed directly with each social service program.

Get information about providers here.


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Shared Living for Veterans

A partnership with Pacemaker Consulting allows us to move veterans out of shelters and into a safe and healthy home they can afford. When they have a home, they have a better chance of successfully integrating back into our community.

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