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Our Homes

Homes First is a CHDO Organization

A “CHDO” (pronounced “CHO-DOE”) is a Community-Based Housing Development Organization–a special status which the government grants to nonprofit community organizations engaged in housing development activities that benefit low and moderate income families. To become a CHDO, an organization must apply to its local city or county government (if the organization is located in an urban area), or the state (if the organization is located in a rural area). 

Kelsey (tenant) with Baby

Project Based Voucher Homes

These scattered site houses and apartment vacancies are applied for through the Housing Authority of Thurston County ( They manage applications and any waitlists when applicable. We own and care for the properties and provide tenant support as needed.

Homes First home

Directly-Managed Residences

These scattered site houses and apartments are managed directly through Homes First, who accepts applications for the spaces when available. All our homes are able to accept tenants with vouchers or other community based financial support, or without vouchers (Section 8 and other).  All tenants have access to our tenant services navigation to help connect with community supports as needed.

Volunteers outside of Oxford House

Oxford Houses

Although owned and maintained by Homes First, tenant applications are managed through the Oxford House Program ( Homes First owns and cares for the homes and provides access to tenant supports a needed.


Shared Living for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Although owned and maintained by Homes First, tenancy and case management services are provided by four organizations who specialize in working with adults with developmental disabilities. Applications for available spaced are managed directly with each social service program.

For more information on our Program Partners, click here.

Front of Avalon House

Shared Living for Youth

A partnership with Community Youth Services allows us to move youth in their Young Adult Housing program into shared homes which is safe and healthy home. When they have a home, they have a better chance of successfully integrating back into our community and having a chance at a successful future.

Front of Gemini House

Shared Homes for Mental Health Recovery

When people have received treatment and are ready to return to their community, they must have a home to return to in order to leave their treatment space.  Homes First, in partnership with the Thurston Mason Behavioral Health Organization, provides a shared home for people to land to make that transition successfully.

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