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Real Community Heroes

Awards & Celebration is an annual event hosted by Homes First where we acknowledge and honor the exceptional individuals in Thurston County making strides towards addressing the housing crisis and working to support equality in our community. Every year, Homes First hosts a public celebration in the spring to honor these remarkable heroes who dedicate their time and energy to this cause. Each year’s heroes are chosen by the previous year’s winners. This grassroots approach focuses on individuals who are working on the ground in our community, creating an uplifting and illuminating cycle of these everyday heroes.

Each year we celebrate four real community heroes.  Three heroes are chosen by the previous year's awardee.  In 2024, we added our President's Choice Award. 

so many heroes!


  • Kevin Gordham,
    Keller Williams Real Estate

  • Hana Klimek, PEER Olympia

  • Kim Kondrat, City of Olympia

  • President's Award:
    Tracie Dutton, Kokua


  • Hel Dastvan, Interfaith Works

  • Tonya Hennen,
    Windermere Co-Ho Real Estate

  • John Terranova, St. Michael's Parish


  • Leatta Dahlhoff, City of Tumwater

  • Dan Livingston, Flying Colors Painting

  • Skip Thompson, Guild Mortgage


  • Tye Gundel, Oly Map

  • Olivia Hickerson, Sidewalk

  • Christina Janis, Rob Rice Homes


  • Kathleen Bellefeuille-Rice,
    St. Michael's Parish

  • Amal Joury, Community Member

  • Kirten York, Community Action Council


  • Rae Anne Toth,
    Keller Williams Real Estate


  • Whitney Bowerman,
    Community Member

  • Shy-Anne Haney, 1st Security Bank

  • Ti'eri Lino, Interfaith Works


  • Chris Lester, Thurston County Title

  • Jaycie Osterberg,
    Quixote Communities

  • Pete Sutch, WIN Home Inspection

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