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Angela's Story


In 2006, after a divorce, Angela set out on her own with her two boys, another child on the way, and just a little money in her pocket. To provide for her family and be there for her children she started her own business called Angels Heavenly House Cleaning Service.

She also contacted the Housing Authority where she was put on a waiting list. At that time, the family was living in an 800 sq foot apartment that had two bedrooms. Everyone’s clothes were washed in a coin operated laundry and the apartment was not maintained well by the owners of the property.

“I got bronchitis, pneumonia, and now have an allergy to mold from living in that apartment,” said Angela.

In 2010, Angela got the call she was waiting for.  After being referred from Housing Authority to Homes First she was contacted and told she could be helped. Her budget was taken into consideration and an affordable rent was settled on. Then Angela was given options as to where she wanted to live, which was an exciting new thing. She chose a three bedroom house that had two bathrooms, a front and back yard, and was in a historic neighborhood of Olympia. This house was 1300 sq feet and each of her boys could have their own rooms.

“It was nice to have a nice kitchen, my own laundry room and two full bathrooms,” says Angela.  “Our new home was also in a good neighborhood where I could have a sense of safety. My quality of life only improved from then on and I was able to get off food stamps and provide even better for my family.”

Angela was able to save money by renting a house through Homes First! She also used that money to buy school supplies and clothes for her children. While also chipping away in bigger increments at the debt she accrued while trying to survive in previous years.

“I knew we were moving up based on our lifestyle,” said Angela.

Now Angela just bought her first home and is excited to move into a house with four bedrooms that will allow each of her kids to have their own rooms. She also just purchased a bigger car that has more room to transport her business and is more comfortable for her kids.

“I am still kind of in shock.  This is just a dream come true for me. The reality is just so fantastic,” said Angela. “It has been a long journey and my dreams are coming true. I am incredibly grateful to Homes First! and the Housing Authority,” said Angela about her experience in working with Homes First! “Without them I am not sure I’d be in the same place I am now.”

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