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Homes First creates and maintains safe, healthy, and affordable rental homes for those who need them most.


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Stories That Inspire...

Providing Hope and a Home to a Family

My name is David and my family and I live in a beautiful home in the eastside neighborhood that is owned by Homes First.

Prior to finding this home, we were feeling pretty desperate.  My wife and I and our three kids had spent the previous six months living in the shelter...

Dreams Can Come True!

Angela B. is a self employed, business owner who happened to grow up in poverty and struggled to find   affordable housing as a single mother with three children.  What makes Angela exceptional though is that she went from living in Section 8 housing to buying her own house...

Helping David Stand On His Own Two Feet

David woke up on the floor. But it was only because the temporary air mattress his caregiver had lent him had sprung a leak during his first night in his new home. David didn’t want to wait for his bed to arrive before he moved in. As soon as Homes First had his place ready, he was in the door...

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